Barcode Pharmacode PZN 7 / PZN 8

An application of Code 39 that encodes seven or eight digits (the so called Pharmazentralnummer). The number is prepended by the PZN identificator ("-"). The text under the barcode is prepended by the letters "PZN" which are not encoded into the symbol. When encoding a PZN, Code 39 is used without a check digit.

Sample PZN 7 Code

Sample PZN 7 Barcode

Sample PZN 8 Code

Sample PZN 8 Barcode

Create Code PZN

Creating a PZN with Softmatic BarcodePlus is easy. Simply select the symbology PZN 7 / 8 from the list of codes, enter your PZN number and set the required size:

Create PZN barcode with BarcodePlus

BarcodePlus automatically adds the PZN identificator and the "PZN" text to the code. Click Save... to save the code for use in Illustrator, Indesign, Xara, QuarkXPress and similar applications.

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