Barcode ISBN 10, Barcode ISBN 13

An ISBN uniquely identifies a book or other printed matter. Before 2007 ISBNs were ten digits long (ISBN 10), now they are thirteen digits long (ISBN 13). The number itself is composed of the following components:

The GS1 prefix, usually 978 or 979
The group identifier, a number that identifies the country
The publisher identifier, a number that identifies a publisher in that country
The item identifier, a number that identifies a certain book
The check digit

EAN 13 barcodes are used to represent an ISBN (International Standard Book Number). Best quality is achieved by exporting the barcode to EPS, PDF or another vector format.

ISBN 10, ISBN 13 Add-on Barcodes

ISBNs can carry an add-on barcode, sometimes also called a satellite code. The add-on can encode another two or five digits of data. The addon can encode the price of a product.

ISBN 10, ISBN 13 SC Sizes

Like with EAN, ISBN sizes are standardized (see these references for specifications). The module width and height are only allowed to vary within certain limits. The default, or 100%, size is called SC2, resulting in a code that is roughly 26mm high and 35mm wide. It is permitted to vary the width down to 81% and up to 200%. In addition it is permitted to reduce the height to some degree, this is also known as truncation.

Note: Our ISBN Barcode Generator supports all standard SC sizes and height reduction.

Checksum for Code ISBN 10, ISBN 13

ISBN uses the standard EAN 13 check digit calculation, please see our page on EAN check digit calculation

Sample Code ISBN 10

Sample Code ISBN 10

Sample Code ISBN 13

Sample Code ISBN 13

Obtaining an ISBN

ISBN are issued by the ISBN ageny of the respective country. maintains a list of agencies.

Create ISBN 10, ISBN 13 barcodes

Softmatic BarcodePlus creates plain ISBN and with an add-on barcode. The barcodes are exported as EPS (vector) and to common raster formats. ISBN 10 and ISBN 13 are supported:

ISBN 10 / ISBN 13 Barcode Generator

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We've also prepared a ISBN barcode tutorial for Adobe Illustrator and a barcode tutorial for Adobe Indesign