Barcode ITF-14

An application of Code 2/5 Interleaved that encodes a 14 digit GTIN. A so called bearer bar is put around the code to facilitate scanning the code from skewed angles. The 2/5 code is created without a check digit.

Sample ITF-14 Barcode

Sample ITF-14 Barcode

Create Code ITF 14

Creating a ITF-14 barcode with Softmatic BarcodePlus is easy. Simply select the symbology ITF-14 from the list of codes, enter your 14-digit GTIN and set the required size:
Softmatic Barcode Plus generating ITF-14
BarcodePlus automatically adds the frame around the code and formats the human readable text. You can also encode 12-digit and 13-digit GTINs, simply prepend your data with leading zeroes.

Recommended size settings to create a GS1-compatible ITF-14: Module width: 0.51-1.02mm, module height: 32mm, ratio: 2.5

Windows PC - Softmatic® BarcodePlus (Win, V4, Windows XP or higher)

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Mac OS X - Softmatic® BarcodePlus (Mac, V4, 10.7 "Lion" or higher)

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More about our ITF-14 barcode software for Windows and our ITF-14 barcode generator for Mac.

Developers: Make sure to see our .NET Barcode Component.