Barcode UPC-E

Code UPC-E encodes seven digits plus a mandatory check digit. An UPC-E barcode is easily recognized. It always starts and ends with two thin bars. Six digits are placed under the symbol, two digits are placed on each side.

UPC-E is exclusively used in retail in the US and Canada. It is not used elsewhere in the world.

UPC-E SC Sizes

Like with UPC-A, UPC-E sizes are standardized (see these references for UPC specifications). The module width and height are only allowed to vary within certain limits. The default, or 100%, size is called SC2, resulting in a code that is roughly 26mm high and 35mm wide. It is permitted to vary the width down to 81% and up to 200%. In addition it is permitted to reduce the height to some degree, this is also known as truncation.

Note: Our UPC-E Barcode Generator supports all standard SC sizes and height reduction.

Checksum for Code UPC-E

UPC-E can be viewed as a compressed UPC-A code. After expanding the digits to UPC-A, the check digit calculation is identical to UPC-A. See here for UPC-A check digit calculation.

Sample Code UPC-E

Sample Code UPC-E

Obtaining a Code UPC-E number

UPC numbers are maintained by your country's GS1 branch, please see obtaining an UPC number for details.

Create Code UPC-E

Softmatic BarcodePlus creates plain UPC-A and UPC-E. The barcodes are exported as EPS (vector) and to common raster formats.

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