Desktop calculator for Mac OS X

Desktop calculators are nothing new. However, Softmatic Calculator XL is different. It has been designed with a special focus on accessibility. Not only can you resize it and make it as large as you want. It is also entirely operable by keyboard. The display content can be read out by voice.

Ideally suited for users with vision impairment, be it myopic or hyperopic or narrowed field of vision.

Mac desktop calculator resizing

The calculator can be resized by selecting the respective command from a context menu or by using the keybord shortcuts cmd-plus and cmd-minus.

Mac Large Desktop Calculator

Shown in the screenshot is the largest size at about 1000 points vertical, using all available space on the 27" display.

Size and position of the calculator are maintained across sessions as are display and memory content.

Mac desktop calculator functions

Softmatic Calculator XL has all common calculator functions: Basic arithmetic, percentages, memory arithmetic. It features an extra large, high-contrast number display for best readability. Other features include thousand's separators (format depending on your locale, commas in english-speaking countries, dots everywhere else) and copying, pasting data to and from the pasteboard. The calculator can be operated with the mouse or entirely with the keyboard.

Softmatic Calculator XL works on all display configurations. All artwork is vectorized so it looks beautiful on standard and Retina displays.

Mac desktop calculator keyboard shortcuts

0 - 9Digits 0 - 9
.Decimal point
sChange sign
= and <Enter>Equals
rSquare root
mAdd to memory (M+)
MSubtract from memory (M-)
CClear memory (MC)
RRecall memory (MR)
tRead out display contents
cmd + cCopy display contents to clipboard
cmd + vPaste display contents from clipboard
cmd + +Make calculator larger
cmd + -Make calculator smaller

Calculator for Mac Download

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