Mac OS X Desktop Clock

Desktop clocks are nothing new. However, Softmatic Desktop Clock XL is different. You can resize it to your heart's content. This makes it easy to read the clock from a distance.

Mac Large Desktop Clock

Ideally suited for users with vision impairment, be it myopic or hyperopic or narrowed field of vision.

The clock has analog and digital faces and can be a set to a different time zone. If so desired the clock can chime in 15 or 30 minute intervals or hourly. The digital versions also include the date.

The time is displayed according to your system locale in 24 hour format or with AM/PM indicators.

Mac desktop clock resizing

The clock can be resized by selecting the respective command from a context menu or by using the keybord shortcuts cmd-plus and cmd-minus. Softmatic DesktopClock XL works on all display configurations. All artwork is vectorized so it looks beautiful on standard and Retina displays.

Size, style and position of the clock are maintained across sessions.

Desktop Clock for Mac Download

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