Softmatic Mac Dock Clock

When OS X came out many years ago, it included a useful clock for the dock. Today this clock is no longer part of OS X. Softmatic DockClock for Mac fills this gap. It simply sits in the dock and displays the current time in analog or digital form.

Analog, digital clock for the Mac dock

Mac Dock Clock

Softmatic DockClock supports different styles and colors for analog and digital faces, a separate time zone setting for the clock and can chime in configurable periods.

Mac dock clock with different timezone

To change the dock clock's preferences, right-click the icon in the dock:

Mac Dock Clock Settings Chime TimeZone

Here you can change the timezone, the style (analog or digital) and the chime settings. All settings are preserved between sessions.

Softmatic DockClock is very small (less than 500kB) and will hardly use any CPU time. It works on all display configurations. All artwork is vectorized so it looks beautiful on standard and Retina displays.

Dock Clock for Mac Download

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