Softmatic® Shapes Collage - for Photo Collages & Mosaics

Softmatic Shapes Collage arranges your images along a shape's outline, fill, or along arbitrary text. Simply drag drop your images, select a shape or enter text, done. A variety of pre defined image masks clip the photos to hearts or other shapes. Export to PDF for print quality or to PNG / JPEG for use on mobile devices or the web. Easy collages and mosaics with a few mouse clicks.

Mosaic from photos

Using a small image size gives a mosaic-like effect:

Softmatic Shapes Apple Symbol

Filling symbol shapes with photos

Using a heart-shaped image mask filling a heart-shaped symbol yields:

Softmatic Shapes Heart

Clipping images with shapes and masks

Images can be clipped by any of the dozens of supplied masks, here a five-point star masks an image of a US flag. The masked images are used to fill the letters USA:

Softmatic Shapes US flag

Collage rendering in real time

The rendering is highly customizable, the images can be randomly rotated and resized. Frames can be added with user defined size and color. Every change in the settings renders the display in realtime - no waiting, instant feedback.

Exporting images

Export as high resolution raster image or vector PDF with user defineable solid or transparent background. Quality settings for screen (72dpi) and print (300dpi).

Softmatic Shapes Collage Download

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