Mac OS X World Clock

Softmatic World Clock is the last world time clock you'll ever need. Live search for locations, a glorious full screen mode with up to five clocks and support for all screen resolutions including Retina - all in one package. The full screen mode is particularly attractive. Use your own backgrounds, like a company logo or motto, and put it on display in conference rooms, the cafeteria or the lobby.
Softmatic WorldTime Clock Fullscreen

Softmatic World Clock usage & features

Softmatic World Clock installs into the menu bar. Right-click the icon for context menu or left-click to bring up the location finder. In the window, click the plus icon in the lower right to open the search field:

Softmatic WorldTime Clock Locations and Timezones

Start typing and World Clock suggests cities, countries or landmarks. You can also simply enter a three letter airport code. All location and timezone data is retrieved in real time.

To add a location to the list, simply select it from the table below the search field. Once added, click the loupe icon to edit, the x icon to remove it. You can also drag a location from the list to the Desktop to remove it. Use drag / drop to change the position of locations in the list.

The color of the clock face indicates day or night at the respective location.

Left-click the menu bar icon again to close the location finder or hit ESC.

Softmatic World Clock fullscreen mode

In the location finder note the button with the rounded rectangle in the top right corner. This switches to full screen mode. Hit <ESC> to exit out of fullscreen mode. The layout and style of the fullscreen mode can be set in the preferences.

Softmatic World Clock preferences

In the location finder click Prefs... in the top left corner. This opens the preferences dialog:

Softmatic WorldTime Clock Preferences

Here you can set the time format, the menu bar display and the fullscreen style:
  • To display the seconds hand in fullscreen mode, check Show seconds.
  • To set the color and face of the clock, use the Face combo box
  • To set the background image, use the Background combo box. You can select one of the predefined backgrounds or pick your own image. To enable the Pick... button select User from the list of backgrounds
  • To change the position of the clocks in fullscreen, use the slider to the left of the preview window
  • To change the size of the clocks in fullscreen, use the slider beneath the preview window

Softmatic World Clock context menu

Right-clicking the app icon in the menu bar opens the context menu with additional commands.

Automatically launching Softmatic World Clock app at login / startup

To automatically launch an app like Softmatic World Clock at login or startup follow these steps:
  • Open Apple > System Preferences > Users & Groups
  • Locate and select your own user name in the list of users
  • Select the tab Login Items
  • Click the "+"-Button. In the dialog that opens navigate to Applications, select Softmatic World Clock, click Add

    Launch app at start-up, login
The app will now launch each time you log in.

World Clock for Mac download

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