Softmatic Free Document Scanner App

Tips for better scans

Place the document against a dark background for best scan results. When the frame around the document turns green, tap the shutter button:

Document Scanner Scan Quality

Make sure that there's good contrast so that the document can be easily detected; avoid bright backgrounds. This will also prevent text from the reverse side from shining through:

Document Scanner Low Contrast

Avoid loud patterns in the background:

Document Scanner Background Pattern

Ensure proper lighting:

Document Scanner Bad Lighting

Keep the document straight. The app will correct rotation of up to 10 degrees but proper alignment will improve the text recognition:

Document Scanner Rotated

Avoid photographing from an angle. The app will try to correct perspective errors and straighten the scan but you will get best results when you scan the document directly from above:

Document Scanner Distortion

Make sure that the whole document is in the camera view, don't cut it off:

Document Scanner Cut Off

Damaged, crumpled, or torn documents won't scan properly:

Document Scanner Damages

Only one document per photo. Multiple documents can be merged to a multi-page PDF after scanning:

Document Scanner Multiple Scans

Make sure there are no other objects in the camera view:

Document Scanner Object Camera

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