Barcode Pharmacode Laetus

Laetus codes are used to control machines for packaging. Printed on the box and on the insert / leaflet they ensure that the right leaflet ist put into the correct box. Laetus encodes a number of up to six digits. The highest encodable value is 131070. Laetus does not use a check digit, also there is no human readable text under the code. See the Laetus website for more information on Laetus barcodes.

Sample Laetus Code

Laetus code on a box of Aspirin®:

Sample Laetus Code for Aspirin

The code encodes the number 177. An identical Laetus code, generated with BarcodePlus:

Sample Laetus Code

Settings: Module width: 1mm, module height: 15mm.

Create Code Laetus

Softmatic BarcodePlus supports Laetus barcodes. The created barcode can be exported as EPS (vector) and to common raster formats for use in Illustrator, Indesign, Quark and similar apps for package design.

Windows PC - Softmatic® BarcodePlus (Win, V4, Windows XP or higher)

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Mac OS X - Softmatic® BarcodePlus (Mac, V4, 10.7 "Lion" or higher)

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