Bulk Barcode Generator for Windows 10

Softmatic® BarcodeFactory™ is the perfect barcode automator, a tool for automatic batch creation of barcodes on your PC. Generate serial, consecutive barcode sequences with the built-in number generators. Import from CSV or TXT files to batch create barcodes or simply copy / paste data directly from your spreadsheet. Make thousands of barcodes automatically with only a few button clicks.

Stand-alone software - no plug-ins, no barcode fonts or external components, or online access required!

Also available for macOS.

Screenshot Bulk Barcode Generator
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Win 7 or higher  

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Screenshot shows Softmatic BarcodeFactory creating EAN barcodes from imported data. Per default the imported numbers are also used for naming the generated files. Users can override this anytime by double-clicking in the respective row and entering their own file names. Additional data like price, product description, best-before date can be put above and below the barcode.

Sample application: Generating Code EAN 13 symbols with tabular data from a spreadsheet (Excel, Numbers): Video.

Generate Serial Barcodes

Sequential numbers can be created by the built-in barcode number generator. An easy to use dialog lets you specify start value, number of barcodes, step etc.:

Screenshot Barcode Factory Sequence Generator
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Click Ok and the numbers are created and converted into barcodes:

Screenshot Barcode Factory Sequence Code 128
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Useful for asset tagging with barcodes, admission tickets or similar purposes. You can also set static prefix and postfix strings that are added to the generated number.

Sample application: Generating Code 128 symbols in bulk with serial, consecutive numbers: Video.

Generate Barcodes from CSV, TXT files

Import data from CSV / TXT files. BarcodeFactory can pull data and filename for the generated barcodes from the file. Additional data can be put above and below the barcode, like pricing information, product name, best-before dates etc.

Data is easily specified line by line, the fields separated by comma (separator user defineable):

"4012345678901,Müllermilch 100ml,Nur € 1.99,file_4012345678901"

Results in this barcode with text and pricing above and below the code, written to file file_4012345678901:

EAN 13 with price and description

Create Barcodes from Tabular Data, Spreadsheets, Excel

Besides importing data from a file, you can also simply paste tabular data from the clipboard, e.g. a range of Excel cells. Here's a sample Excel sheet with product data.

Each row consists of the product's EAN number, the product description, price and EAN again:

Screenshot Excel Product Table
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Select the whole range of cells and ctrl-c to copy to the clipboard. In BarcodeFactory, use the Preferences dialog to set the field separator to TAB. Then select Data Source > Paste and the product table is automatically imported and converted to EAN barcodes:

Screenshot BarcodeFactory Excel EAN Products
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The EAN no. from the first column gets encoded into the barcode, the description and price are placed above and below the code, respectively and the EAN in the last column is used for the filename. Now simply click Generate Barcodes... and the EAN images are written to disk automatically - no matter if it's ten or ten thousand.

It doesn't get simpler than that!

Random barcodes, manual entry of data

Simply enter your barcode data one-by-one or use the built in number generator for random numbers like GUIDs numeric or numerical random barcodes created with fixed length. For license keys, sweepstakes, lottery barcodes etc.

Softmatic BarcodeFactory Features

Supported codes & symbologies:
  • EAN 8, EAN 13
  • UPC-E, UPC-A
  • Code 2/5 Interleaved, Industrial
  • Code ITF-14
  • Code 39, Code 39 Extended
  • Code 128 ABC w/ auto-discrimination
  • Code 128 GS1/UCC/EAN
  • Codabar
  • PZN 7 / PZN 8 (pharma code)
  • DataBar GS1 (formerly RSS symbology), all seven subtypes including stacked and expanded
  • 2D: Datamatrix, Aztec, PDF417, QR Code
Output naming options:
  • Use the encoded data for the file name, automatic, can be overriden by user anytime
  • Get filename from the imported files or pasted tabular data
Sample Applications:
  • Use Indesign data merge for creating labels or catalogs with barcodes (Tutorial):

    Screenshot Indesign Barcode Labels
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  • Mass creation of QR cellphone barcodes or other 2D codes for tickets, vouchers and coupons
  • Importing batch created barcodes into Excel tables via VBA or add-in, ideal for price lists, inventories etc.
  • Creating personalized barcodes for bulk email, mass mailings, like invitations
  • Creating personalized barcodes for ID cards or business cards
  • Unique barcodes (encoding a GUID) for license numbers, product keys, ticketing etc.
  • Sequential barcodes with serial numbers for asset tagging

Softmatic BarcodeFactory Export and Code Generation

Softmatic BarcodeFactory for Windows will automatically generate all required check digits (linear codes) and error correction codewords (2D codes). Export formats are EPS / SVG (vector) and PNG, TIFF, JPEG (raster) with up to 3200 dpi output resolution. The software supports bar width reduction and can generate bounding box markers if so desired. For EAN family codes, Softmatic BarcodeFactory supports EAN SC sizes, light margin marker (aka "sentinel") and height truncation.

Try Softmatic BarcodeFactory for Windows

Softmatic® BarcodeFactory (Win 7 or higher, Windows 10 recommended)


Fully functional, all supported code types, the output is restricted to lower resolution. See the folder Sample Barcodes in the ZIP for EPS samples.

Also available for macOS.

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