EAN SC Sizes

EAN 13 sizes are standardized - the module width (i.e. the width of a narrow bar) and height are only allowed to vary within certain limits. The default, or 100%, size is called SC2, resulting in a code that is roughly 26mm high and 35mm wide. It is permitted to vary the width down to a minimum size of 81% and a maximum size of 200%.

In addition it is permitted to reduce the height to some degree, this is also known as EAN height truncation. The minimum height of an EAN should not go below 8-10mm.

Table of EAN SC sizes (SC0 - SC 9). All dimensions in millimeters:

SC0 (81.8%) 0.27 30.50 x 21.48
SC1 (90%) 0.297 33.56 x 23.34
SC2 (100%) 0.33 37.29 x 25.93
SC3 (110%) 0.363 41.02 x 28.52
SC4 (120%) 0.396 44.75 x 31.12
SC5 (135%) 0.445 50.34 x 35.01
SC6 (150%) 0.495 55.94 x 38.90
SC7 (165%) 0.544 61.53 x 42.78
SC8 (185%) 0.610 68.99 x 47.97
SC9 (200%) 0.66 74.58 x 51.86

Create EAN Barcodes, SC Sizes

All our applications support EAN SC sizes and height truncation; the screenshot shows our popular Barcode Software for Mac:

EAN SC Sizes in Barcode Software

Note: This software is also available for Windows PC.

Code EAN Barcode Tutorial

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