Mac Barcode Generators

Our time tested barcode generators for macOS create all common linear and 2D area barcode symbologies. Our Mac apps are already compatible with macOS "Ventura" and will run natively on Macs with Apple Silicon or Intel CPU.

Screenshot Softmatic Barcode V5  
NEW Softmatic Barcode V5

The first stand-alone app to use the Softmatic unified JS barcode engine, Softmatic Barcode V5 is now available on the Mac App Store. Softmatic Barcode V5 creates the common retail barcodes EAN, ISBN, ISSN and UPC and will export to raster and vector formats. The created SVGs and print-ready PDFs are fully self contained, have no external dependencies and can be freely shared.

Video shows creation of an ISBN 13 code with add-on, exporting to PDF and importing the barcode into Illustrator.

Download from the Mac App Store (Apple Silicon / Intel, macOS 10.15 or higher) • More info...

Screenshot Softmatic BarcodePlus V5  
NEW Softmatic BarcodePlus V5

Softmatic BarcodePlus V5 supports over 20 different symbologies and creates all common linear and 2D barcodes for retail, warehousing, logistics, pharma, web & online. Automatic data formatting, check digit calculation and build in safe-guards guarantee high quality barcodes. Export to PNG, SVG and print-ready PDFs and TIFFs.

Video shows creation of an EAN 13 code with five digit add-on, exporting to PDF and importing the barcode into Illustrator.

Download (Apple Silicon / Intel, macOS 10.15 or higher) • More info...

Screenshot Bulk Barcode Generator  
NEW Softmatic BarcodeFactory V5

Softmatic BarcodeFactory V5 is our time tested bulk barcode generator; create thousands of barcodes in bulk in seconds. Serial barcodes with sequential numbers, barcodes from CSV or TXT files, product data from Excel / Numbers and much more. For mass creation of QR cellphone barcodes for bulk mailings, tickets, invitations, coupons etc. Create all common linear barcode types for retail, pharma, package design, books & periodicals, warehousing, transport. Also supported are the 2D symbologies Data Matrix, Data Matrix GS1, PDF417 and Aztec.

Export to SVG / PNG for online and web applications, to CMYK-TIFF / PDF for print.

Video I, Video II, Video III.

Download (Apple Silicon / Intel, macOS 10.15 or higher) • More info...


Got an older Mac? We also provide legacy Mac barcode generators for older versions of macOS, see our products section.

Windows Barcode Generators

Our barcode generators for Windows 10 / 11 create all common retail, warehousing, and area bar code types.

Screenshot Batch Barcode Generator  
Softmatic BarcodeFactory V4

Make barcodes in bulk: Softmatic BarcodeFactory for Windows 10 / 11 batch creates thousands of barcodes in seconds. Multiple barcodes with serial numbers, barcodes from CSV / TXT files, random codes for product keys and much more. For mass creation of cellphone barcodes for bulk emails, invitations, coupons etc. Also suitable for importing serial barcodes via data merge into Word, Excel or Adobe Indesign.

All common linear codes for retail, pharma, warehousing and the 2D symbologies QR, Datamatrix, PDF417 and Aztec.

Try (Windows 10 or higher)More info about our Bulk Barcode Generator

Screenshot Barcode Software PC  
Softmatic BarcodePlus V4

Our best-selling barcode generator software for Windows 10 / 11. Creates all common linear, 2D and DataBar barcodes in seconds. Export to vector EPS/SVG and raster TIFF/PNG and use the created codes in DTP, layout and design software.

The ideal solution if you need barcodes for package design, coupons, pharmaceuticals, ads, book- and magazine covers.

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* Trial versions are fully functional and will create all supported code types. Output is restricted to low resolution files.

Barcode plug-ins and extensions for Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop

Barcode PlugIn Teaser.png

Easy to use barcode plug-ins and extensions for Adobe InDesign, Illustrator und Photoshop. Standards compliant barcodes in seconds - no dependencies, no programming or macros, no barcode fonts required. The extensions are built on the new Softmatic unified JS barcode engine that works across all operating systems and environments.

For more videos, see the Softmatic Youtube Channel

The Softmatic barcode plug-ins and extensions for InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop are available from the Softmatic online store.

Barcode Fonts for Excel 365

Easy creation of linear codes in Excel 365 with our barcode font package for the most popular spreadsheet.

Barcode tutorials, know-how and educational materials

We provide a wide range of barcode tutorials, FAQ and other educational materials here. Make sure to also see the Softmatic Youtube Channel.

Mobile Apps

NEW Dayline - Daily Planner for iPhone

Dayline is a visual daily planner. All your tasks for the day are clearly laid out, structured by color and style. Tasks are created in few easy taps and Dayline's algorithms will help you pick task titles and icons. Once you are done with a task, simply tap to check it off.

Daily Planner iPhone

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NEW Clair - Daily Moon Calendar

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NEW CoScan - Document & Barcode Scanner

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